TechNobo's Discord Colour Guide

Discord's markup is made for code

but you can use it to make your server look prettier.

The colour scheme is limited, but it's what you do with it that makes your server unique.













This line is blue
and this line is blue
= This is also blue =
- < This is red

You only need 2 "--" or "==" to make it blue above that line

12345 grey
"This is also cyan"

$Yellow grey
"This is cyan"
#Dark grey
echo exit test < Red
true false < cyan
if something else something then something

#orange <This is cyan>
"This is also cyan"
int blue() 
char blue()

ThisIsBlue = ->
"#{Text here is orange (other than commands like 'is')}"

# This is all orange
"This is cyan"
'This is also cyan"

This is green
{YellowText: 'This is all cyan'}
[All of this is orange]

- Red text here
+ Green text here
--- grey text
*** grey text
! green text
This is normal

# Dark grey text
on multiple lines"""
"one line of cyan"
'one line of cyan'
Normal text

Text is yellow
= Text after an equals is cyan

#Text like this is orange
1234 Numbers are cyan

<BlueText OrangeText="Cyan Text">
Normal text

[ This text is blue ]
; This text is grey
This is normal

[{"This is yellow": "This is cyan"}]
"This is cyan"
This is normal

# Blue text
One line of blue above this line:
And another line
* < The asterisk is orange
< yellow text
1. yellow text lists
<Yellow="This is cyan">

You only need 2 "--" or "==" to make it blue above that line

Yellow Text Has Capitals
"Cyan text with double quotes"
normal text

Orange Text With Capitals
'Cyan text'
"Cyan text"
normal text

@ This is orange text
'Cyan text'
"Cyan text"
# This is grey text
normal text

Text is normal
$ Dollar sign highlights text
another $ dollar sign
\Blueword Normal

normal stuff
'Cyan text'

<BlueText then yellow text = GreenWord and more yellow
Everything else is yellow

Cyan text
- < red hyphen
#Dark grey text

There's 180+ languages supported in total

Thanks to Discord using highlight.js

Though, these are the main ones you'll be using... There are far more languages that you can use in Discord, with their own unique colour support...
Though, they still have colours from this palette.

Discord seems to use the "Solarized Dark" theme. Select it under "Styles" if you want to look further into it.