PUBG - Nvidia Optomisation guide

PUBG Frames are a serious issue:

So you're probably like me and most people, and you average roughly 30-50 FPS, no matter how good your hardware is.
I find this really bad as I was averaging those with a Nvidia GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti - and I was still averaging these frames - ON LOW!

There's hundreds of optomisation guides that i've followed, so I've put it in the most basic steps that I can; to help new users and help everyone understand how to boost them frames.

Funny thing is, after using quite a few different guides I now average about 70-80 on ultra everything - with ReShade, to make it look even better. No more low settings!

Steps to solve the frames issue and get them up to at least a good 70 with hardware - on high settings

This is split into different steps, so if you've already done something, you can skip ahead easily and check to see if you haven't done one of the other optomisations on the list.

Nvidia Control Panel settings

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel either by clicking on the icon from the tray, or by right clicking on the Desktop and clicking NVIDIA Control Panel, or by pressing Start and typing Nvidia Control Panel
  2. On the left, head to "Manage 3D Settings" under "3D Settings"
  3. Click on "Program Settings" next to "Global Settings"
  4. Change the settings to match the table below, and adjust where you choose:

  5. Feature Setting
    Anistropic filtering Application-controlled
    Antialiasing - FXAA Off
    Antialiasing - Gamma Correction On
    Antialiasing - Mode Application-controlled
    Antialiasing - Mode Application-controlled
    Antialiasing - Transparency Off
    CUDA - GPUs All
    Maximum pre-rendered frames Use the 3D application setting
    Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) Off
    Power management mode Prefer maximum performance
    Shader Cache On
    Texture filtering - Anistropic sample optimization On
    Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias Allow
    Texture filtering - Quality High performance
    Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization On
    Threaded optimization On
    Triple buffering Off
    Vertical sync Off
  6. Click Apply in the bottom right and wait for it to unfreeze (it usually freezes while saving and applying settings).

Steam launch options

  1. Open Steam
  3. Properties > SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...
  4. Enter the text below, but change it to suit your computer! -refresh 60 -maxMem=16384 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4
    1. Change -refresh to match your monitors max refresh rate
    2. Change -maxMem to suit your RAM available, don't use all of it. For example, if you have 16 GB: use -maxMem=8192
      As far as I know, it doesn't HAVE TO be a multiple of 1024, but it is good practice to write out GB correctly with amounds of RAM, it's the same for Minecraft and other games. Common RAM values are listed below:
      RAM in GB -maxMem setting
      8 GB 8192
      16 GB 16384
      32 GB 32768
    3. Optional:
      -highDedicate more of your processor to the game (Can slow down other applications)
      window Run the game in Windowed mode
      +mat_antialias 0Apparently lowers quality of shadows/removes (I use, but haven't tested to see a difference without)

  5. Click OK
  6. Click Close

In-game settings

    These settings can affect not only gameplay, but also frames. There is no 100% surefire way of making frames appear magically - without losing quality, vision and other gameplay element.
    There are a few settings that can help frames, but it's worth just playing around ingame

    Setting name Setting
    Quality Custom
    Screen Scale 100 (Lower is better for frames, but bad for vision ingame)
    Anti-Aliasing VERY LOW (Lower is better - Will result in more jagged diagonal lines)
    Post-Processing VERY LOW
    Shadows VERY LOW (Can affect seeing people's shadows for some people)
    Texture MEDIUM (Lower is better for fps - worse for ingame vision)
    Effects VERY LOW
    Foliage VERY LOW (Should be this setting no matter what, due to it getting rid of some grass and bushes - easier to spot people)
    View Distance VERY LOW (Does not affect people as far as I know- only some buildings and other objects)
    MotionBlur Off (Having it off can HELP ingame vision and can help fps)

Config files

    These settings can cause you to lose FPS, but they can result in better ingame vision

  1. Open My Computer (Press Start+E)
  2. C > Users > Your PC name > AppData > Local > TslGame > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor
  3. Open 'GameUserSettings.ini' with Notepad
  4. Change the information below:

  5. Save via File > or Ctrl+S
  6. Close notepad
  7. Right click 'GameUserSettings.ini' and click Properties
  8. At the bottom, by Attributes: Make sure 'Read-only' is Ticked
  9. Click OK


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