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Fix Focusrite Audio (Distortion, Robot sounds & Problems)

Published: Nov 20, 2022
Last Edit: Nov 20, 2022
Focusrite Cleaning Audio
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Watch the video:

Focusrite is great

However, like a lot in the music industry: it’s focused on Mac.

The Windows drivers leave a lot on the table.

The hardware still works, and great… but it’s not always on all computers.

This guide does fix periodic weird distortion and robot sounds that come from your inputs/outputs every hour or so. Once they occur they persist until the device is removed and plugged in again, or your computer is completely restarted.

We can, however, restart the Windows audio drivers - flushing the audio buffer among other things, fixing the issue. I’m quite positive it’s some kind of ‘buffer overflow’, however, I can’t be certain.

Regardless, either run all of the following commands or place them in a .bat file which you can run whenever you need it.

You will need to run CMD as Admin, or open the .bat as admin!

Restart audio drivers

net stop audiosrv
net stop AudioEndpointBuilder
net start audiosrv
net start AudioEndpointBuilder

It’s as simple as that.

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