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Published: Jun 1, 2023
Last Edit: Jun 1, 2023
TroubleChute Support
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How to Support Me


While nothing is required, support is highly appreciated.

Scripts can be quick to put together based on previous scripts released, but often unforseen issues and improvements take HOURS at a time. Coding is fun and all, but I am a fulltime YouTuber. I create these useful scripts for the better of the AI community and everyone. While I have huge plans for my projects, I can’t afford to dump all my time into something I do for free, and keep open-source.

Will you ever charge for scripts?

I hope not. If anything a little bonus for supporters is what I have in mind. Similar to how osu! gives you a heart in the corner if you’re a supporter. I also love keeping my scripts and code open-source as people can use it to learn, improve on and maybe help others with.

Direct methods:

YouTube Membership

My tech support channel, TroubleChute has memberships enabled. You can donate monthly (or just once off by cancelling immediately) and 70% goes to me.

You recieve a badge that you wear next to your name when leaving comments on my videos or livestreams, as well as emojis for use in my channel (As soon as I add some)

Available: US$1.99/month, US$4.99/m, US$9.99/m, US$24.99/m

ALSO: YouTube Super Thanks

Super Thanks are enabled on my videos. You can click the ‘Thanks’ button under ANY of my videos to send me a tip through YouTube. If a certain video helped you a ton, this is the best option!


Donations go straight to my PayPal. Donations are once off and 100% goes to me.

Available: A “Ko-Fi” is US$3.00. You can add as many as you want, or enter a custom value.


I have a Patreon, but I have yet to utilize it properly. If you want to support me, this is an option.

8% go to Patreon, plus 3.4% on payment processing.

Available: £2/month, £5/m, £10/m, £15/m, £25/m, £50/m

Other ways

Affiliate Links are used when you are interested in something I use or promote. Using affiliate links come at no extra cost to you, but give me something back in return either for visiting and/or purchasing an item or service. You can see affiliate links for products I use on the My Hardare, My Software and My Windows pages.

Crypto donations:

BTC bc1q9whrs8mmtdej9sprcffz2kumvpcxprhu6083s5

ETH 0xDaf58074Bb5b5CE7f622a9089314bCCF8318dA5f

LTC LNWZYoMRQTznZyRoPcfyXRr23wxYm91tHi

BAT 0xDaf58074Bb5b5CE7f622a9089314bCCF8318dA5f

XMR 42RePrwfmJ5JCZt4M5kdA5JvGerGcpgmr8ZRyhRET2FfXd7MD1NYK6uA94TX3uC7aFfHUcMUAkVuzgyaGpptBC8FPEUbzji

Free methods

Not all support is monetary.

I appreciate members of the Discord who help with ideas and research for videos, contributors on my various GitHub projects, contributors who help translate my code on Crowdin, all the way to those who comment and like my videos, or stay subscribed just to help support me even if they’re not interested in every video I post.

I could not have got where I am today, making a living from what I love and helping teach others.

This is truly a wonderful place to be, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you.

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