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Fix infinite phone number input loop

Published: Sep 23, 2022
Last Edit: Oct 13, 2022
Modern Warfare 2 Steam
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Watch the video:

0:00 - Explanation
0:40 - (Official) Fix phone number loop in MW2

The issue

Call of Duty requires users to enter a phone number before entering the game. This was also needed for a few previous games, but with the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta, many users find themselves locked out of the game in a screen asking them to enter a phone number.

I could unlink and re-link my phone number with Steam, as requested by the game – even though it was verified over a THOUSAND DAYS before! Ridiculous, but I’ll play your game.

Just like that, the game crashed a few minutes later, and I had to restart. Upon starting the game a second time, I was again greeted with the “Insert phone number” screen. Because I had just linked a number recently (a lot of guides say “ReLiNk YoUr PhOnE nUmBeR” - it does not work multiple times).

This is the official solution, brought to us by “COD_CM” on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - Open Beta Steam Discussion. You can find it here

Phone number required


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