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MW2 Optimization Guide

Published: Sep 23, 2022
Last Edit: Jun 8, 2023
Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2.0 Game Optimization
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Watch the video:

0:00 - Explanation
0:12 - Basic & Better PC performance tips
0:40 - Best Display Settings MW2 (2022)
3:54 - FSR, DLSS, NIS -- What's best?
6:00 - Best Quality Settings in MW2 (2022)
8:46 - Drastically improve visibility
9:08 - Best View Settings for MW2 (2022)

We all know why we’re here

There is no need to introduce an optimization guide, but here’s one to keep the article format. Optimizing games is a crucial step for FPS gamers. Getting the most out of your hardware is critical to maintaining an edge in-game. This guide covers getting the most out of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta/Open Beta and applies to the full game release.

You should see a dramatic increase in FPS. However, everything is hardware-dependent. Customize everything further - including DLSS/NIS/FSR after this guide for even more performance.

Optimizing your PC

I have created multiple guides to get the most out of your PC. Make sure to follow them or other directions for even more performance. You only need to do this once, and it helps literally every game on your PC.

Optimizing MW2

Open Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and head to the Settings > Graphics screen.



AI and upscaling

NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA IMAGE SCALING (NIS), and AMD FSR 1.0 are all ways of using AI, or other methods to artificially improve your FPS by lowering the render resolution and raising it using magic.

Leave all these set to OFF, and only customize them after everything else. Using these upscalers could result in artifacts, but they all should raise FPS.

For the average user, just use FidelityFX CAS and set the sharpness to around 75. For any of these you should have your sharpness relatively high to cancel out the blurry effect that the forced-on anti-aliasing gives us. No more need for glasses, thanks to AI! – Just let us turn off AA, please.



Set everything to low for the most part.


These last settings are essential. Without setting them to off, you’ll feel the constant need to put on glasses while playing the game to see further. Having motion blur assists in helping you snap to targets while you’re looking around. It looks fantastic, but it does nothing to help your performance - both FPS and personally.


Everything in here is a user preference. FOV is a debated topic. “Raise it for better fps”, “Lower it for better fps”. Do what feels best for you. Frames don’t matter. If you find it challenging to play and look around, then your personal performance is going to suffer a lot more than it would with lower FPS. You can sacrifice a handful for better vision and feel.

Final notes

With that comes the end of this guide. You can quickly get even more by lowering settings further or pushing FSR or DLSS settings higher for a lower resolution and more FPS - But it’s easy to go overboard and start seeing unavoidable artifacts.

If you haven’t already: Now is the best time to optimize your Windows installation while you’re at it. You will notice a difference - especially if you’ve never done something like it. The links to guides are above.

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