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Infinite Logs Hack

Published: Aug 31, 2022
Last Edit: Sep 5, 2022
Cheat Engine
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DISCLAIMER: While cheating is never something I show guides on, The Forest is a single-player game for the most part, and when you’re playing with friends: you will only feel the consequences of cheating. Whether it’s destroying your own fun or others. This is more of just a simple getting-started guide for Cheat Engine. This isn’t anything challenging to do.

Steps to get infinite logs in The Forest:

  1. Download Cheat Engine
  2. Start The Forest and Cheat Engine
  3. Chop down a tree
  4. Pick up 2 logs
  5. Change Value Type to 4 Bytes
  6. First Scan for “2”
  7. Drop a log and do a Scan for “1”
  8. Pick up a log and do a Scan for “2”
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 until 1-2 values are left, I only had 1
  10. Drag and drop the items from the list into the bottom list
  11. Press Ctrl+A to select all the items
  12. Press Enter to change all the values, enter “2” and hit Enter
  13. Press Spacebar to lock all the values
  14. Enjoy infinite logs
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