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If it’s not already apparent, I’m a massive nerd. I love to code and tackle problems programmatically through code. Creating scripts to automate mundane tasks is what I live for; however, it’s the same as anything computer related. A lack of knowledge in a new area almost always leads to hours of ‘head-bashing’. Hours spent trying to understand or figure out a problem in a new area.

While I’ve encountered many of these and spent many hours in code editors, I hope to share some of my knowledge and experiences.

That being said, code is never as straightforward as it seems. While you may run across stretches of coding and hitting F9 (or Run) to see it work perfectly the first time… You’ll come across as many, if not more, times where your console is disappointingly filled with red. Heck, sometimes you may not even be able to start it in the first place. Hopefully, this section takes you somewhere better, so you can get back to solving your issues.


Node.Js Programming

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