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Fix 'Can't find Python executable'

Published: Aug 31, 2022
Last Edit: Sep 5, 2022
Node.js Python
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The issue:

When installing something, in my case Discord.js, you can often run into an error saying that Python can’t be found, even when you’re sure that it’s installed. I installed it twice, but it still didn’t work. Navigating to the directory that says it can’t find Python will often end up with you finding Python there. Setting the PYTHON Environment Variable doesn’t change anything. The image below is an example of the error:

Steps to solve the issue (Installing Windows Build Tools):

  1. Open Command Prompt
  2. Run the command¬†npm install –global –production windows-build-tools
  3. Once this is completed (Mine took +-3000 seconds - 50 minutes)
  4. Now the installation should be okay with everything, and everything should be working.

Below is a picture of the solution after it’s complete. (I still need to install the dependencies)

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