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Published: Aug 31, 2022
Last Edit: Jun 8, 2023
Discord Theming Personalization
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Steps to use custom themes in Discord:

  1. Download and extract BetterDiscord
  2. Run BetterDiscordWI.exe
  3. Check “Restart Discord after installation” and finish the installation process without changing anything else.
  4. Wait for it to load
  5. Join the BetterDiscord Discord Server
  6. Read the rules and in #welcome, make sure to complete the steps required
  7. Find a few good themes under #theme-repo and download them.
  8. Click the Gear icon in the bottom left of Discord (User Settings)
  9. Go to BetterDiscord and Themes
  10. Click Open Theme Folder
  11. Drag all the .css files into the folder
  12. Go back to Discord and press CtrlR
  13. Repeat steps 8-9
  14. Enable your theme of choice
  15. Enjoy your new custom theme
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