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Free 1-month PC Game Pass with Discord Nitro (Sep-Nov 2022)

Published: Sep 15, 2022
Last Edit: Oct 13, 2022
Discord PC Game Pass
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0:00 - Explanation
0:30 - Claiming PC Game Pass
0:50 - Limitations & Requirements
1:07 - Claiming/Redeeming
1:56 - Using PC Game Pass/Downloading Games


If you’re a Discord Nitro subscriber, you can activate a free month trial of PC Game Pass. There have been giveaways for Xbox Game Pass for PC, now PC Game Pass – This is the latest available between September 13, 2022 - November 8, 2022.

This article and video based its info off the official Discord article. Read it here. [Accessed September 14, 2022]


The giveaway mentions giving “PC Game Pass to a buddy”, but you can claim it for yourself.

Simple enough. Anyone should be able to create a free account and claim this, assuming you have access to a card (you probably do if you’re paying for Discord Nitro anyway).

If the video doesn’t explain claiming well enough, check the Step-by-step guide on the official Discord article for claiming the code and redeeming it on the PC Game Pass website.

The important bits

Giveaways or trials like these are great. There is one thing to remember: Cancel recurring payments or cancel the trial before it expires, and you’re automatically charged. With any trial, the goal is to either get you to stay with an excellent service or bait you in long enough that you forget and are charged anyway. Microsoft and the PC Game Pass at least let you stop recurring billing. Other trials say, “If you cancel, you lose ALL access. You better gamble on remembering before the last day!” – Be happy that the PC Game Pass trial is not one of these.


To claim, simply open Discord and log in with a Discord Nitro account. Head to User Settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom-left. Then under PAYMENT SETTINGS you will see Gift Inventory - This is where you will have access to the “PC Game Pass (1 month) - Gift to a friend” item. Click the Claim button, and you should be presented with a code. If you missed it, you can check your email inbox for a copy, or click the button again.

To redeem the code, head to the Microsoft Redeem website and sign in with an eligible account. Once you have, you can enter the code you saw and copied, and you will get access as soon as you fill out any required details, including card information.

Now, you’re free to stop recurring billing and enjoy the trial.

Stop recurring billing

I’m not entirely sure if canceling the trial removes access, but we don’t need to even try. You can stop recurring billing and immediately ensure you won’t get charged even if you forget. This is something I absolutely recommend!

To cancel your PC Game Pass, head to the Microsoft Services page and sign in with the same account you have the trial on.

Find and click Manage next to the PC Game Pass entry.

Manage button next to PC Game Pass

Then click Turn off recurring billing.

Disable recurring billing

You will be asked to confirm; simply do so.

Disable recurring billing confirmation

As easy as that, you will not need to remember to cancel. Simply enjoy playing games for a month, and you won’t need to worry about an extra charge at the end of the trial! You will just lose access to the PC Game Pass games, assuming you don’t choose to pay for another month. You can always return here to re-enable it if you wish.

Goodbye for now notice

Playing games

Now that you’re not going to be charged when the trial ends, ensure you have the Xbox App installed from the Windows Store. This does come pre-installed on some computers, as far as I understand. However, it can be re-installed from the Windows Store at any time.

You can download the Xbox App for PC from the internet as well. It requires “Windows 10/11, v.22H1 or higher”. You can also see the requirements for the Xbox App.

With that comes the end of this guide. I hope you enjoy playing some great titles on the Xbox/PC Game Pass. It’s one of the most affordable subscription services, and one of the best, assuming you have some of your favorite titles on the platform.

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