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Fix Launch Arguments not working in EA desktop

Published: Sep 22, 2022
Last Edit: Oct 13, 2022
EA Desktop Apex Legends
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Watch the video:

0:00 - Explanation
0:14 - What are launch options
0:44 - Launch Options in EA Desktop
1:02 - The issue (Invalid characters error)
1:29 - Fix launch options in EA Desktop
2:30 - Workaround for "+" options?

While this guide mainly focuses on Apex Legends, what is said applies to all games available on EA Desktop.

These issues seem to not exist in Origin. I can also understand why these issues occur: It’s to try and stop adding pointless arguments that could confuse games and keep it to only valid arguments. It should, in theory, be reasonable… However, it doesn’t do its job as you would hope.

The issue

Inserting simple launch arguments work, such as -dev to skip the intro of Apex Legends… However, as soon as you get a little funky and throw in an argument that contains a +, you’ll see an error.

Error message

“The commands you entered contain an invalid character. Be sure to enter valid alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) and special characters (-,/,etc.).”

This feature is trying its hardest to know what is valid and what’s not, but it fails horribly.


A little annoying, but these 2 steps alone fix any errors you could be getting.

Is there a workaround?

Not that I’m aware of, other than using another launcher. For Apex Legends, this is possible, as Steam has it in their library too. Most of the EA Games are available on other platforms. This is very annoying and should be fixed by EA. If you know of another way, please do let me know.

Usually, you’re able to create a shortcut to the game’s main EXE file and put the arguments there. For example, create a shortcut to apex.exe, and in the Properties > Target, you would enter: "C:\Program...\apex.exe" -dev - where the entire program path is in quotes and arguments right after.

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