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Published: Sep 15, 2022
Last Edit: Sep 16, 2022
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Quick Details

Details of working with EaseUS

In June 2022, EaseUS reached out to me to cover some of their software. I have previously used some of EaseUS’s software, so it was enjoyable to work with them directly. I assume covering the moving of Steam Games relates to previous videos I’ve done, moving the files around now and those receiving great views. Unfortunately, the video hasn’t had incredible success, but it will still be of invaluable help to those using EaseUS software and looking to move Steam games. With 124 likes, and only 4 dislikes, the video has been received very well so far.

The video is a complete crash course on using EaseUS PCTrans, and shows how to move programs and Steam games from one drive to another. For example, moving a Steam game from a hard drive to an SSD for faster loading times.

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