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Published: Sep 7, 2022
Last Edit: Jun 8, 2023
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Quick Details

Details of working with HudSight

January 2021, Eduard, the creator of PlayClaw and HudSight reached out to me to create guides on their popular software. After creating and releasing the first video to great success in January of 2021, I was approached to do another around September 2021. Both of these are below. As always, I scripted, recorded, and edited these videos.

DateVideo TitleViews
Feb 1, 2021Crosshair overlay on ANY GAME | Fullscreen included! | 2021 (HudSight) (SPON)120,158
Sep 23, 2021UPDATED: Crosshair Overlay on ANY GAME | +Fullscreen | HudSight 2022 (SPON)48,011

These 2 videos total just over 168,000 views, which is an excellent response for a relatively niche topic.

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