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Lenovo Legion

Published: Sep 7, 2022
Last Edit: Sep 16, 2022
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Quick Details

Details of working with Lenovo Legion

Yes. The computer brand Lenovo. Or, more specifically, I was reached out to by PLG (PowerLeagueGaming) on behalf of Legion by Lenovo. The idea was to open a topic on the Legion Community forum, and share the giveaway link in 3 videos.

DateVideo TitleViews
Oct 12, 2021Ultimate Windows 10 Gaming Performance Optimization Guide + GIVEAWAY [SPON]981,883
Oct 15, 2021BEST Optimization Guide | Max FPS + Giveaway | Back 4 Blood | Best Settings [SPON]6,802
Oct 19, 2021Ultimate Windows 10 Nvidia Optimization Guide | BEST Performance [SPON]38,994

I knew the Windows 10 and 11 optimization guides would be huge, but I did not expect them to become the most viewed videos on my channel to date. That really blew me away.

This campaign was far beyond successful, and still, to this day, a year later (Writing this 2022/09/07), I’m still receiving notifications from the forums of people signing up and trying to join the long-passed competition.

After users sign up for the forums, they need to post a response to my thread. I chose Battlefield 2042 as a topic, asking users to share their thoughts about the then-upcoming game. The thread is still up today on the Lenovo Community Forum. Image below.

Image of Lenovo Community Forums with 431 replies

This thread was posted 12th of October, 2021. With 44 pages and 431 replies, the latest was posted a week ago. This is a year later. Once again, this was successful beyong expectations. The thread has over 29,000 as well. While that may seem impressive, this competition was open to South Africa alone.

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