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Published: Sep 7, 2022
Last Edit: Jun 8, 2023
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Quick Details

Details of working with Restream

Yes, this is the Restream. If you’re a streamer, you’re well aware of the brand. In November 2020, Restream contacted me, wanting to collaborate on a video. I’m not much of a streamer, but I was happy to help share guides and more about OBS and streaming software/hardware.

I uploaded a guide titled Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously FREE | Crash Course, in September 2020. I was reached out to almost a month later, so maybe it was this video? It could have been any video that led the Influencer Relations team at Restream to my content.

It started with talks about doing just one video, then grew to 3 in total. We discussed a much larger project, but unfortunately, it fell through.

DateVideo TitleViews
Nov 5, 2020Podcast/Webinar from your BROWSER | No OBS | Restream Studio Crash Course [SPON]348
Nov 20, 2020Guide: Canon DSLR as Webcam | OBS + More! | Restream Studio Crash Course [SPON]1,388
Dec 9, 2020Test/Private Multi-streaming Guide | How to test your stream | Restream [SPON]2,719

Unfortunately, as you can see, the videos didn’t score relatively as high as I would have hoped. I expected the DSLR as a webcam video to perform exceptionally well, but it came in second to testing your stream via Restream, for multi-streaming.

See all of my Restream videos in the playlist below:

If you’re considering using Restream, please consider using my affiliate link:

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