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Published: Sep 6, 2022
Last Edit: Jun 8, 2023
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Quick Details

Details of working with Server.Pro

This is by far the longest-running sponsorship or partnership I’ve had. Working with Server.Pro was a pleasure, and I stepped away to focus more on my channel and programming hobbies. From early February 2020 to October 2021, I created videos for Server.Pro’s YouTube Channel. Spanning 89 videos (+- I may have missed a few on this playlist), plus a few that were never released. There is an entire playlist available here.

(Click the playlist icon after starting the video below to view the playlist, or use the link above)

Most of the videos were ideas given by A few of the later non-Minecraft videos were thought of by me. I did the scripting, recording, editing, and the rest.

Let’s have a quick look at the view stats, on the 6th of September 2022:

DateVideo TitleViews
Feb 17, 2020How to Setup the KeepChunks Plugin - Minecraft Java21,837
Feb 25, 2020How to Setup the PlayerParticles Plugin - Minecraft Java1,613
Mar 4, 2020How to Setup AnvilLogin (AuthMe Supported) - Minecraft Java12,045
Mar 16, 2020How to Get a Portal Gun on Your Server - Minecraft Java2,722
Mar 20, 2020How to Setup the Pet Master Plugin - Minecraft Java4,598
Mar 30, 2020How to Morph Into Mobs on Your Server - Minecraft Java35,754
Apr 3, 2020How to Setup the Advanced Timber Plugin - Minecraft Java9,321
Apr 8, 2020How to Install and Use AdminGUI - Minecraft Java6,355
Apr 11, 2020How to Setup the MF Hoppers Plugin - Minecraft Java3,136
Apr 15, 2020How to Install and Use WorldEdit SUI - Minecraft Java13,352
Apr 21, 2020How to Install and Use the MyWorlds Plugin - Minecraft Java5,756
Apr 24, 2020How to Install and Use Punishment GUI - Minecraft Java2,252
Apr 29, 2020How to Install and Use the Clans Plugin - Minecraft Java18,264
May 2, 2020How to Setup CoreProtect - Minecraft Java4,976
May 5, 2020How to Setup the Mounts Plugin - Minecraft Java1,919
May 13, 2020How to Setup Advanced Achievements Plugin - Minecraft Java6,788
May 22, 2020How to Setup LimitPillagers (Reduce Lag) - Minecraft Java940
May 26, 2020How to Setup CommandPanels (Custom GUIs) - Minecraft Java24,130
Jun 1, 2020How to Setup StackMob (Enhance Server Performance) - Minecraft Java15,595
Jun 3, 2020How to Setup PlayerKits - Minecraft Java4,744
Jun 9, 2020How to Setup the RepairHammers Plugin - Minecraft Java742
Jun 13, 2020How to Install and Use Luma - Minecraft Java3,390
Jun 17, 2020How to Setup ajParkour (Auto-Generated Parkour) - Minecraft Java5,635
Jun 19, 2020How to Create a World for Resources - Minecraft Java3,338
Jun 23, 2020How to Install and Use V-Economy - Minecraft Java2,869
Jun 27, 2020How to Install and Use RankGrant+ Plugin - Minecraft Java27,428
Jun 29, 2020How to Install and Use the BanManager Plugin - Minecraft Java2,386
Jul 7, 2020How to Setup the MapLands Plugins - Minecraft Java2,007
Jul 11, 2020How to Setup nLogin (Authenticator) - Minecraft Java44,768
Jul 14, 2020How to Setup the Friends Plugin - Minecraft Java6,032
Jul 17, 2020How to Setup the KitPvP Plugin - Minecraft Java51,067
Jul 17, 2020How to Create Kits for KitPvP - Minecraft Java9,518
Jul 21, 2020How to Use Tab Complete Filter - Minecraft Java3,243
Jul 28, 2020How to Setup the PvPLevels Plugin - Minecraft Java4,457
Aug 3, 2020How to Setup DeluxeJoin - Minecraft Java4,125
Aug 8, 2020How to Setup InteractiveChat - Minecraft Java6,697
Aug 10, 2020How to Setup the GWarp Plugin - Minecraft Java15,985
Aug 15, 2020How to Setup the Grappling Hook Plugin - Minecraft Java3,577
Aug 18, 2020How to Setup Marriage Master - Minecraft Java2,279
Aug 24, 2020How to Setup AutoPickup - Minecraft Java4,620
Aug 27, 2020How to Setup Enchantment Solution - Minecraft Java12,436
Aug 31, 2020How to Setup the Light Cleaner Plugin - Minecraft Java1,961
Sep 3, 2020How to Setup the Chunky Plugin - Minecraft Java10,990
Sep 10, 2020How to Setup PowerRanks - Minecraft Java109,935
Sep 14, 2020How to Setup the PurePunish Plugin - Minecraft Java722
Sep 18, 2020How to Setup LuckPerms Chat (Prefixes & Formatting) - Minecraft Java70,611
Sep 22, 2020How to Setup the DeathTotem Plugin - Minecraft Java1,407
Oct 5, 2020How to Setup BeeHivesPro - Minecraft Java706
Oct 14, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Timber - Minecraft Java2,341
Oct 21, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Fishing - Minecraft Java1,020
Oct 30, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Stacker - Minecraft Java2,466
Nov 14, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Catcher - Minecraft Java595
Nov 17, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Claims - Minecraft Java6,674
Nov 24, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Moderation - Minecraft Java2,347
Dec 1, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Repairing - Minecraft Java1,383
Dec 9, 2020How to Setup Ultimate Kits - Minecraft Java4,764
Dec 15, 2020How to Create a Crewlink Server & Proximity Chat - Among Us27,613
Dec 24, 2020How to Setup Spleef Minigame - Minecraft Java5,636
Jan 2, 2021How to Setup the ChatBrawl Plugin - Minecraft Java1,075
Jan 6, 2021How to Install and Use the VeinMiner Plugin - Minecraft Java19,128
Jan 14, 2021How to Install and Use GMusic - Minecraft Java24,363
Jan 18, 2021How to Setup a Vanilla Rust Server on a VPS - Server.proTAKEN DOWN
Jan 24, 2021How to Setup the GHolo Plugin - Minecraft Java3,313
Jan 29, 2021How to Create & Setup a Modded Rust Server on a VPS - Server.pro4,154
Feb 13, 2021How to Join a Valheim Dedicated Server - Server.pro9,375
Feb 13, 2021How to Get Admin on Valheim Dedicated Server - Server.pro7,550
Feb 13, 2021How to Ban/Kick Players on Your Dedicated Valheim Server - Server.pro6,011
Feb 13, 2021How to Upload/Import a Valheim World to a Dedicated Server - Server.pro10,912
Feb 13, 2021How to Create a Valheim Dedicated Server Easily - Server.pro6,112
Feb 21, 2021How to Setup the DiscordSRV Plugin - Minecraft Java92,597
Feb 27, 2021How to Setup the ArmorStandTool Plugin - Minecraft Java1,523
Mar 6, 2021How to Setup DiscordSRV Proximity Voice - Minecraft Java123,405
Mar 22, 2021How to Setup the DeathWarden Plugin - Minecraft Java1,313
Mar 24, 2021How to Enable Whitelist on Valheim Server - Server.pro1,060
Mar 27, 2021How to Setup Custom Crafting (Custom Items) on Your Server - Minecraft Java12,570
Apr 4, 2021How to Join a Valheim Dedicated Server - Server.pro1,992
Apr 9, 2021How to Enable Cheats on Minecraft Bedrock Server - Minecraft Bedrock28,199
Apr 10, 2021How to Enable Coordinates on Your Server - Minecraft Bedrock24,552
Apr 18, 2021How to Setup & Install Fabric Mods on Your Server - Minecraft Java33,637
Apr 25, 2021How to Change Gamemode on Your Server - Minecraft Bedrock11,088
Apr 29, 2021How to Setup CurseForge Modpacks on Your Server - Minecraft Java21,338
Apr 29, 2021How to Install Custom CurseForge Modpack on Your Server - Minecraft Java39,764

That’s a whopping 1,148,898 views! Over 82 videos (81 skipping the one that’s been taken down unfairly - Helping Server.Pro lift this now, hopefully). This means there’s an average of 14,183 views per video, which is excellent.

I honestly had fun working with Server.Pro and see myself returning in the future if I ever find spare time for it, or maybe even for a short few collaborations? Who knows what the future holds. Thank you to Vik and the rest of the team at Server.Pro for making the experience as manageable as possible for me and the other creators you took onboard.

Feel free to check out the rest of Server.Pro’s content as well.

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