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Published: Sep 7, 2022
Last Edit: Jun 8, 2023
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Quick Details

Details of working with Storj

The founder of Storj reached out to me directly to create a guide on their platform. It went seamlessly, and the video is live on my channel. Storj is a decentralized storage platform. You use it much like any other FTP solution. You upload files, and they are stored in the cloud. You can earn real cash by ’lending’ some of your extra hard drive space by becoming a node on the Storj network. It’s an excellent idea, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

At the time, it was marketed as Tardigrade. Intentionally, as far as I understand, named after the hard-to-destroy microorganisms. Pretty clever but really difficult to search for. As difficult as it is, I would say it has just merged to become Storj. I don’t think there is a difference anymore, though I may be incorrect. Judging that redirects to, my guess isn’t far off.

This was one of my much earlier, if not first, sponsored guides on TroubleChute. How exciting!

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