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Published: Sep 6, 2022
Last Edit: Apr 13, 2023
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Quick Details

Details of working with, owned by Huya Live, is a Chinese video live streaming service. According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest of its kind in China and operates globally as Nimo TV. This was my second streaming sponsored deal.

The platform was and likely still is mainly app-based and, at the time, preferred streamers showing mobile games. While not my forte per se, it was enjoyable nonetheless. I got to spend time with friends and viewers of my then-only YouTube channel, TechNobo. Bluestacks came in clutch here, allowing me to have high-quality streams and encoding through OBS Studio.

I was sponsored to stream on the platform from March 2019 until the end of July 2019. There were set hour goals to stream per month and viewer-based rewards. The first month is 40 hours with a 1-hour daily minimum over 20 days minimum, 50 hours over 20 days, 80 over 20 days, 100 over 20 days, and 40 hours over 20 days. While the viewer-reward brackets tightened over the months, I did maintain anywhere from a small handful to a good hundred at a stage. Usually, it stayed around 15-30 viewers. I was required to stream 310 hours over the 5 months I worked with them. I streamed 354 hours, 19 minutes, and 55 seconds over 116 streams.

I’m still sitting with around ~380GB of stream VODs from alone. Archived streams

I spent many hours playing PUBG Mobile, Town of Salem, Asphalt 9, Mobile Legends, among other mobile games. Hey, while streaming is something I barely do, playing games and connecting with Australian, Samoan, and other foreign viewers and fans was a great experience.

Image of PUBG Stream Image of CS:GO Knockoff Stream

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