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Published: Sep 7, 2022
Last Edit: Sep 7, 2022
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What is “unofficial” between TroubleChute and IO Interactive?

Well, IO Interactive is the brilliant company behind the Hitman series. I have enjoyed thousands of hours in their games, Hitman included. I have contacted IO Interactive multiple times about this situation and have not received a response. I’ve tried Twitter, Email, and more. Nothing. Sadly, this will remain as just something a viewer told me.

So, what was it?

Back in September 2021, a viewer reached out to me in the comments with something out-of-the-ordinary:

Comment talking about IO Interactive Support

Now, reading this: It was fascinating. Someone reached out to the support team for help with the game Hitman 3, and in return, I was sent a video of mine? How awesome. Well, I had to ask for proof of such a claim, and this is what I was sent back:

Alleged email response from IO Interactive

Now, I say “alleged” because I didn’t receive the email, and I’m just going off what someone says. This is, however, more than enough for me. I can see this being an official email, and it does play a part. Plus, why does a random commenter passing on some info have to forge such a legitimate looking email? After speaking around and researching the sender, I can say that it appears they work at IO Interactive’s support department. However accurate this seems, I’ll leave this as “alleged” until proven or confirmed by the company, however genuine the evidence appears.

That being said: IO Interactive, reach out! I’d be happy to provide more support videos for your games and other tools, FAQ, or anything else!

For reference, the Twitter post I made reached out to IO Interactive. DMs were also sent over a few months, but still radio silence. I find it incredible that a company (allegedly) considers my information valid enough to be provided in (allegedly) official support tickets.

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